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Mary's Finds Vintage Box of Treasures

Mary is always on the hunt for vintage treasures and has accumulated a plethora of small items along the way, which is how the idea of doing a Subscription Box came to be! 


A curiously curated monthly box full of hand-picked vintage trinkets, estate items, vintage treasures, antique goodies and more. From antique photos, postcards, vintage jewelry, vintage toys, comics, oddities, collectibles and more. No box is the same and each one is unique and filled with 100% authentic vintage items that Mary found out and about on her daily outtings scouting for treasures. 


In each Mary’s Finds Vintage Treasure Box expect to find about 20 hand-picked vintage items based off your specific interests! When subscribing to our Vintage Treasure Subscription Box you are asked what you collect or what you are in to which gives us a better idea of what you like and what to put in your box. If you collect old postcards, or vintage toys, you can say so when signing up. You might not get exactly what you specify but this information acts as a guide for us to build you a box that is more up your alley. 


Filled with fun items that can't help but brighten anyone's day.  Not only is unpacking this box a certain treat but all the items can be enjoyed over and over. Pocket-Sized treasures full of value and curiosity. I hand-picked each trinket because of its appeal to me in some way whether it be unique, antique, neat, or chic! When you open this box, I hope the surprise of trinkets inside fill you with as much joy as finding these treasures brought to me.  


Each Subscription Box is shipped out once a month and the box ships out around the first week of each month. Boxes take 3-5 days to arrive on average after they are shipped.  You can easily cancel, skip a month or change the type of box you want anytime. There are no returns or exchanges on boxes.  Any other questions please email

Mary's Finds Vintage Box of Treasures

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Monthly Treasure Box
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